Why Does Translation Matter?

When you have an AI (Google Translate) to do things for you, do you think it is still relevant to rely on translators to manage your works (e.g. journals, researches, papers, etc.)?

By looking at the latest advance on Google Translate, we don’t own a single doubt that it currently has a significant progress and improvement than many years before.

As long as we write the source language well (grammar, diction, etc.), we will definitely get a smooth translation. Of course, there will be no weird and no non-sense sentences. But, is it enough? Is Google’s translation process dependable? Can it be assumed as correct translation?

As we talk about language and translation, it is of course inseparable from context. The placement of a particular word may require a deeper understanding than just an equivalent translation result from source language into target language. Please, take a closer look at the following examples.

Source Language/L1 (Bahasa Indonesia):

“Arus globalisasi yang semakin cepat, kemajuan teknologi dan kemudahan akses informasi akan berdampak pada perilaku masyarakat. Salah satu kelompok yang rentan terbawa arus adalah remaja.”

Target Language/ L2(English) via Google Translate:

“The more rapid flow of globalization, technological progress and ease of access to information will have an impact on people’s behavior. One group that is vulnerable to being carried away is teenagers.”

Target Language/L2 (English) via human translation process:

“The rapid flow of globalization, technological advances and ease of information access will have an impact towards people’s behavior. Teenagers for example, is one of the groups that is susceptible to the hasty progress. “

When we employ the work of translator (human) within our paper works, the translation result accomplishes a more meaningful result than Google’s translation result. It can grasp the nuances and context of the original sentences without being misinterpreted or misrepresented. Translation work is tightly connected with interpreting process. Google’s translation cannot have a thorough translation by disobeying the presence of interpretation since it may only provide the literal translation’s result without utilizing the needs of context. In addition, human translator also needs Google help to ease their jobs. In other words, both are interdependent between on another.

Therefore, AutumnPixels presents before you to answer the importance of balancing literal translation, context and nuances within your paper works by administering technological advances, and professional and dedicated team. We have concern about helping you to own a globally accepted paper works that has a good arrangement of sentences and mechanics.  Hand us your paper works, then you will have it ready to be published at your chosen journals.

Featured image: courtesy of Romain Vignes (https://unsplash.com/@rvignes)

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