Autumn Pixels is a unique and reliable team where translation and designing are managed as a single unit. Our main focus is on journal translation and paper’s layout arrangement. We are present to ease your needs to pass college requirement by providing a trustworthy paper translation and layout arrangement which is in accordance to the national/international journal standard.

What makes us different as a company? We believe that a well composed paper contains good order of multiple aspects starting from sentence arrangements, writing technique, grammar and mechanic, page layout, etc.

It is because each aspect has its own function and is inseparable from the other. Together, all of the aspects will develop a well-suited combination. This is where the basic philosophy of Autumn Pixels comes from.

Autumn Pixels is developed by understanding the exhausting experience of writing and composing paper for college students. College students, especially graduate students are currently required to produce as many as possible well written published papers for both, the national and international scale journal.

Unfortunately, not all of Indonesia’s college students are fluent in English, for both written and spoken English. In addition, not all of learning materials are provided in Bahasa Indonesia as well.

Therefore, Autumn Pixels feels the urge to fill those missing spots.

For once, Albert Camus said that “Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.” Autumn Pixels dedicates itself to help you transforming your paper which is used to be in a ‘dead end’ or dull into an eye catchy, and meaningful paper just like the falling leaves on autumn season.

Furthermore, we also aim to work on your paper as a pixel to make it beautifully diplayed by observing thoroughly the missing aspects in your paper (technique, mechanic, page layout). We will do our best to grant you a good night rest.